Hi! I'm Melody Williams!

Do you want to live your life according to your true values, enjoy life fully, function with grace and excellence at home, with friends and at work? If so, I would be honored to coach you on your way! I coach people in quite a few areas but the following are of special interest to me:

Caring For and Growing Your Self

  Is your life out of balance?
  Are you stuck, stressed and too busy to deal with it?

If so you're probably pretty unhappy about it! I will help you define, prioritize and really live in keeping with your values and your unique strengths.

Caring For and Growing Your Family

  Would you like to become a more effective parent?
  Would you like to be calm, firm and kind when disciplining your children?
  Would you like to find greater enjoyment in this most important task?
  How would you like to become a good communicator?

I will help you develop the attitudes and tools you need to become the parent you want to be.

Caring For and Growing Your Business or Profession

  Are you stuck? Perhaps stress or fears are in your way.
  Could you use some help with organization and project management?
  Are you afraid of failing?

I will help you determine what is in the way of your moving toward your goals. I'll assist you to move past your fears into focused action while you work toward your business and professional goals.

"Be gentle with yourself."
— Max Ehrmann

Contact me today to arrange a complimentary consultation
to see how we may work together!

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Melody E. Williams, M.S., L.M.F.T.
Life Coaching
P.O. Box 2306, Port Angeles, WA 98362
(360) 452-3728

Melody Williams provides Life Coaching to individuals wanting to live a more balanced, happier lifestyle.  She also assists parents who want to develop their parenting skills and strengthen their family communication while also growing personally and developing themselves personally and professionally.  Additionally she works with professional business women including Life Coaches and therapists who are building their businesses or are interested in improving their personal self-care. Her office is located in Port Angeles, WA, where she serves the North Olympic Peninsula.

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